Woodfield Marshall Park Apartments

Raleigh, NC

In 2015, Vertical Walls worked with C.F. Evans Construction to complete the retaining walls at the Woodfield Marshall Park Apartments and Townhomes project located on Blue Ridge Rd near the Raleigh Greenway Trail. This project was especially challenging due to tough accessibility conditions. We successfully installed a 20’ tall segmental retaining wall as a veneer to a soil nail wall application. It was necessary to construct this wall from the face using luls and man-lifts. Safety is our first priority and a pre-construction meeting with OSHA enabled us to work together to ensure the safety of all involved. Being able to install this unique type of wall system with its property line, rights-of-way and tree conservation constraints, allowed the owners to get the most for their money and the maximum use of their property.

19 Walls; 61,377 sqft
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